Wednesday, February 25, 2009

last night in Phoenix

There are gardenettes here a top the car ports...odd...
My last night in Phoenix. Am just hanging around the studio I'm using. Am a little under the weather and have a nose bleed to boot (gross). Have some studying to do and a book to read.
Spoke at length to my dear friend from Washington state. She is recovering from a very recent mastectomy. She sounds cheerful and well tonight. She is the common sense in my life and has a fabulous sense of humor so I am thankful for the skill of her medical team. I so want her in my life until we are both tottering old ladies.
I've learned little about Arizona. Spent most of my time in a class room. My own Mother called my tonight to say she just realized where I was and asked if I knew Phoenix was the kidnap capitol of America. Thanks Mom. I would be amazed if it was a plump 60 year old they would be searching for - whoever "they" are. But fear not elderly Mothers everywhere, I will keep a sharp eye out for suspicious looking potential kidnappers!

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