Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time Flys By.....

My last post was in September. Winter has settled on the Central Valley. Here that means humidity, a bit of rain and a lot of fog. I rather like the fog. It makes the cookie cutter neighborhoods seems less alike. The environment seems fresher and everyone drives just a bit slower - a good thing indeed.

The fog in the photo above dropped like a flimsy silk veil over a refinery. One can imagine any view in the fog. I wouldn't pick refinery as the daily backdrop to my commute - my imaginings would transform the area into a pond with lush vegetation....hmmm, the influence of New England. The hook here sits in the lower right hand corner of the photo. Pansies in winter - I love that!
Hope to begin photographing in earnest again soon. Am slowly, slowly, slowly beginning to see what is unique here.


Teresinha said...

Happy New Year, my blog neighbor!!!
(Portugal is my Country)
I love photographing, to!

Wildwoods Retreat said...

Teresinha ~ your photography is wonderful! The music was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!