Monday, February 23, 2009

Room with a view

The trusty Subaru. It and I traveled over the mountains and into the 'real' desert. Cloudy and still early in the year so it was both cool drive into the desert and yet warm enough to get through the mountain pass without having to navigate snow. Am in the Southwest for a conference ~ Phoenix. Have much catch up paper work to do today. Tomorrow will be able to listen without my head full of the "to do list".
Phoenix is big and busy. It is also hard hit with the down turn of our national economy. My Central Valley plenty hot enough...what draws people to the desert? Of course both places have the same water to call our own.

Here's a quasi-gruesome thought for the day. Yesterday while driving southward I notice no 'road kill'. Even in busy parts of California like Riverside and Palm Springs. 'Why not?' she wondered. Fewer animals (doubtful), careful drivers...hmmm, probably not. Perhaps scavengers are more voracious (now that is a scary thought...material for Stephen King). Doubtful that anyone spends money on clean-up crews in the desert. What then? That shall remain unanswered for the time being.


Greg said...

great pics, thanks for your comments. I like suspense dvds...

aliqot said...

Hi there,

Just dropped in to see how things were going. What a contrast to last year!

All the best