Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tye and Trash

The week ends here are quiet. But for Reb and Tye, my two canine campanions, Saturday and Sunday must be a joy. They spend most of the days out of doors. No snow yet. Lots of room to run. Tye is the youngest of the dogs. A little over a year, he's a lab. cross - so still a puppy. He is digs up everything he finds in the forest. Today he presented me with a broken tiki torch, several scorched sea shells, and a fractured pair of goggles. Often he brings home bottles and cans of every variety and he is the best mouser of any of my four legged friend.
When I walk through the woods I see breath taking beauty. His nose tells him otherwise. His busy treasures tell me how careless people have been with the disposal of their used goods. I am re-examing how I use 'stuff', when I think it is 'finished' and where I put it when I'm 'done'. Speaking of done, it's almost time for game FOUR - Go Sox! Yes, I'm turning on the TV...what to do, I'm a member of the RED SOX NATION!

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