Friday, January 29, 2010

Brenda's Photo Challenge! ~ The Best of 2009

In order to tell the photo tale of 'the best of 2009' I had to bring forward a photo from 2008.  This past year has  been one interesting journey.  A journey filled with sorrow, mysteries and joy.  A quick glance over my shoulder reminds me that I left freezing winters and deep snow.  I learned that I could not only tolerate the isolation of the deep woods but thrive there no matter how cold the day was and that at 60 I could stack cords of wood, clean chimney's, rake many feet of snow off the roof of the house and other odd jobs that are required when one lives by oneself in the woods of New England.
I spent part of 2009 in the Central Valley of California. It was stunningly hot and dry.  I had to work hard to find the beauty in the heat of that arid place but grew to love the sights and sounds of the agricultural center of that State.  Spring was a particular delight, though short lived, she turns the normally brown hill sides into a patch work of floral color.
Now I live in Puget Sound and love the sounds and sights of this wonderful place: fog horns, the splatter of heavy winter rain, the scream of eagles hunting for their breakfast. 
Life is amazing!


Donna said...

And I thing I can hear the birds song!!! Wonderful Photos!!! Especially the orange color of the flowers...Cleaning snow off a ROOF??!!! ALONE???Hahaha...I'm 'gonna GET you Girlfriend!!!

Donna said...

Those are all beautiful! thank you for showing us the stark differences from these three regions. They are all unique in their brand of beauty.

Butterfly Gardener said...

All of your pics are so different from each other , but all so nice. I think the hillside with flowers has to be my favorite though!

BREZZ said...

is that a field of poppies??? (sorry i am blind) nice shot regardless-- very pretty.

all of these are nice-- but some make me cold :))

have a nice day-

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! That winter shot is very familiar here in Massachusetts lol. How wonderful to live so close to the water, I'm envious! Got my Challenge post up now, I was a little late this morning hehe. ~Jeanne

Nita Jo said...

Wow! Your life is an adventure. Love the pictures!

Nita Jo

the walking man said...

Yes. I miss at times the desert heat and never regret when it does not snow but those fog horns and that continuous rain that, that, has to be felt and experienced to be enjoyed. that touching of the last North American rain forest is a presence upon the soul that sees it.

Brenda said...

Awesome photos!! What a trip!

WR said...

Thank you for all your comments! I enjoyed visiting your sites very much. It's great to have the Challenge going again. On onto RED!!!!!