Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Gradually a home is emerging out of cardboard boxes and wrapping paper. The rooms are small and cozy. The vaulted ceiling make the rooms seem more spacious than the actual square footage. The house has a wall of windows in the open kitchen - living room. That allows a stream of sunlight during most of the day.
Unpacking has been slow. Aside from there being much to do, I am distracted the trees , grass and flowers that lie just outside the front door. When did I last have roses in my garden?...perhaps while living in Boston.
Blackberry bushes line the stream bed that runs along the side of the house. It will be a battle to get any as there are hundreds of birds and more than a few squirrels here.
My sister has been by as has my niece and several friends. It feels like home - at long last!

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