Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of a new job

Time to get ready for work. First day and after all these decades of being a worker bee I still get anxious about starting a new job. Still it also shifts me back into a routine. The house is unpacked and furniture arranged - so too it is time to get on with earning a living and not a moment too soon.

I enjoy pondering life's events and people as well as observing my little spaces in the world - but have been preoccupied with unpacking and organizing. This has been a brief interlude to a work life and now on with the rhythm of what I know to be my normal, average life.


Victoria Rae said...

You live in paradise. I hope your Northwest home will truly be "home". I wish you well in you new employment ventures. May the bumps in the road be minimal and the accomplishments be great. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more. I am still attempting re-entry in my life in Minnesota with a new perspective on life. I have a kayak and I am in love... I am going out on a solo fishing venture today. I am so very clear that we are here temportarly and this is not a dress rehearsal... Four months of teaching the youth of America then off on sabbatical. Hope to see you then.
Victoria Rae

Donna said...

I hope you enjoyed your first day!!! Glad you're settling in as well!hughugs

WR said...

How nice to hear from you both! Work is going to be challenging - but am looking forward to this changing role!