Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cooler mornings

There is something in the air - hint of the autumn that is soon to be here. The morning air has a familiar brisk tingle to it as if it needs to remind that brisk can turn to cold in a heart beat. Black berries too are thickly lining the roads - that must make the birds and makers of jams and jellies ( those that prepare) happy. Time to get ready for the fall that is followed by winter - both are lurking out there somewhere. Later today the clouds with diminish and the sun will magically appear and thoughts of changing seasons will ease. Thoughts will turn to changing the work week turn into Friday instead of preparing for a change in seasons.

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Donna said...

Beautifully written...It was cool here this morning as well! 69degrees...Well, it Has been hovering around the mid 70's in the mornings.
Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs