Saturday, June 27, 2009

What is it about the Bad Boys?

This is the bad boy, "Salsa" - obviously, given his name, it was originally thought that he was a she. I often refer to him as a her - wishful thinking on my part.

The tell-tale evidence that Nano is captivated by the Bad Boy Salsa
The love struck Nano - who so tiny that I can just barely feel her weight when she sits in the palm of my hand.
The broody finch has a crush on the loud and brash parrot - Salsa. They live in adjacent cages. There is a third member, a Love Bird (ironically enough) named Pip. He is annoyed with all the twitting and carrying on and spends much of his day chiding the other two.

If ever there were a relationship doomed before it begins it is this tri-angle. Salsa would certainly be abusive - he already is. If anything disturbs his environment he complains loudly and we all pay the price. None the less, Nano is doing all she can do to get his attention. He gives the occasional nod followed by his rendition of dishwasher sounds or the telephone ringing. But that is about it. He continues to blow kisses in my direction. I've warned Nano "don't trust this guy...he's a cheater" but she chooses not to listen.

I blame it all on summer and having far to much sun light. It does strange things to the brain and hormones! Nature works in mysterious ways! :-D


Anna said...

I really like your finch photo, what a cute bird. Anna :)

WR said...

Thanks...normally she's a sweetie. In her current state of hormonal obsession - not so much. :-)