Friday, June 19, 2009

He Had Me From....

"Little joys refresh us constantly, like house-bread...."

He was a slim and young, with a sunny wide smile. That broad happy smile somehow made the man seem taller. I asked the usual question "do you ever speed when driving?" It has to do with honesty as everyone goes over the speed limit now and then, if not always (I want to discover if he can tell me what I need to know not what he thinks I want to hear). He said no he did not. A brief sadnass passed through me. Oh no, I thought he would be a perfect new member of our health care team. However I could hear that he continued speaking. Still the bright smile on his open face. "I used to speed all the time but my girl friend and I figured out that we could save more money for our wedding and then for our future if we both drove just slightly below the speed limit. We could save on gas" His English is softly accented with Spanish. The sound of his words are as sweet as the look on his face. His fiancee, he tells me, is studying to be a nurse. When she finishes he will study to be a radiology tech. I know that many of the aged women who live here are going to fall in love with him. He will remind them of when they were young and planning their futures with some handsome young man. I believe he and his finacee will succeed. They've already thought this through and planned how save every penney that they can. It is a joy to see a success story in the making. I find myself hoping life will be gentle with this young couple. Before the interview is finished, I know he has the job.

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