Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dawn and Doves

This is the perfect time of day. When all goes well, the household has a peaceful, quiet hum to it – a domestic mantra. The dawn is just creeping into the sky to give us a sleepy good morning. I’ve been living in this place of few neighborhood trees for nearly a year. It was not until this morning that I realized that I almost never hear bird songs at this time of day. When I lived in New England, this was a nois, bustling time in the new-growth forest that surrounded my home. Spring arrived and from 4 AM until the sun was fully up the birds would sing at a full tilt. On week-ends I shut my windows so that I might sleep through the early A.M. avian orchestra. Nevertheless, it was a happy noise.

The above photo of my small, winged neighbor was taken in the evening. This little fellow arrives at the same time every evening. The Dove visits after I kennel the dogs and peace descends on the back yard. It also occurred to me that my avian friend cooed every evening but never in the morning. Why are Doves silent here in the morning? I enjoy his cooing and his searching the yard for seeds. It is a soft sound for reading. The evening serenade is a delicate joy but I would love a phrase or two in the morning as well.

Have a good day my friends…bird song or not.

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