Sunday, September 7, 2008

roses as far as you can see...

The past couple of days saw the community of Wasco celebrate the Rose Festival. This town claims to be the Rose Capitol of the World! I drove around miles of fields with 1000s of every imaginable rose firmly planted in the soil. For some reason I seem to have lost most of my photos of the roses but have included one of the many fields there. Will have to make another trip when it is a bit cooler.
The event also treated visitors to a parade and a fair. The participants were gracious and in good spirits and that was a feat as the temperature was headed toward 104F! The fair contained the usual array of fair foods except this California so there was a long line for the Mexican food...the aroma was heavenly! My favorite however was the booth with the Italian Ices. The folks there served up large portions to the relief of heat weary visitors. Alcohol free pina colada was PURRFECT!
Managed to head home without any plants in the car. It's too hot to plant and water for now...perhaps an October project.