Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter Settles In to Stay

Alas, winter is truly here for the next 3 months. We are waiting for the next storm to arrive. Fresh snow to welcome the New Year. Next year I hope to welcome the New Year from a warmer part of the country - without snow or ice. I worry to much about mundane things: will the oil last through March; will the propane last another two weeks (I've given up getting through the winter on one tank of propane); how far can I stretch 1 and half cords of wood; how do I prevent slipping on the ice; why is the gas mileage dropping in my car. It all pulls at the edges of any serenity I manage to gather. It is pretty outside, even it is inhospitable.

This frost laden land is helping me to shape out my New Years Resolutions: learn to play poker; join the book club when it restarts in February; organize my office; & exercise 30 minutes a day (zero to thirty is an improvement) and practice drawing 30 minutes a day. There are a couple of others but that's enough to ponder for the moment. Why the goals for 2008...reasons to move forward in spite of the snow.

I've made peace with this old wood stove. One small hot fire a day to burn off the creosote. Then a long slow burn. The insulation in the basement seems to be helping. This New Years will be a good test as the temperature is suppose to change again.

One person, Lonely Wombat has a great list of things to do to survive winter. Here's the blog: I'm searching for a good lava lamp. I also loved the flick'r site she recommended. Take a look!

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