Sunday, December 9, 2007

winter birds, apples and work

It has been a gray week.
Work was particularly difficult. Had a terrible state survey. No where to go but up. Many staff tensions -the building is newly organized with a bargaining unit. I hear there is a petition to have me removed from my job. Not the sort of thing that makes one want to jump out of bed and rush into work with great excitement. Never-the-less, in I must go and do my best to fix the problems.

Tye was sick all night. This dog gets panicky and starts to eat everything. The house hold finally settled down to sleep about 4:30 AM this morning. AM keeping him kenneled through the rest of the day until he and his sensitive stomach settle down.

We're expecting more stormy weather tonight. Emptied the ash from the wood stove, the logs are stacked and now - wait for sleet and snow. Have filled the bird feeders. It is amazing that the delicate chickadees survive the rigors of winter. No matter how bleak my work life, I do love their cheery chirping. Surly if these tiny creatures carry on in adverse condition - I can face my work woes as well.

I am however engaged in a fantasy of moving back to Washington state or now and then New Mexico. I would prefer the drizzle of Washington State to the sleet of New England. For now it is a pipe-dream. Moving is very expensive. This facility needs to be 'fixed' and it is in general best to wait out the looming and growing housing crisis.

Have a variation of chicken (my apologies to all birds in general) soup in the slow cooker. The aroma is heavenly. The small joys in life.

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