Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SNOW ~ Oh No!

MT ROSE - elevation 10770 Ft

Autumn was short lived.  Warm days and frosty nights last week.  Blustery, wet and cold around the clock this week.  Snow down to the foot hills.  I'm not ready and it seems that Mother Nature does not gives a fig!


Sue said...

Beautiful picture!
It looks like we too will soon be having very cold temperatures, the forcasts say as from Saturday onwards so nature will be giving us a taste of Winter in advance.
Stay warm!

sage said...

I popped over from another blog and saw Mt Rose and a smile came to my face--memories from my time in Virginia City and even when there was not enough snow in the Virginia Range to ski, there was always enough over in the meadows on Mt. Rose (as well as downhill skiing). Enjoy winter, it's magical in the high desert.