Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Visit From Friends

I've not seen the Mustangs in a couple of weeks.  As the round ups continue I often worry that Winter, Sarg or Marco have been rounded up and shipped off to auction.  But yesterday in the late afternoon I heard a whinny at the gate and sure enough there were the bachelors with several friends, including the black stallion with the crocked blaze on his face.  I opened the gate and in they marched in single file to eat the dropped apples in the garden.  They are beginning to get their shaggy, thicker winter hair.   They gorged on apples, cleaned up the yard nicely, and then ambled down the road to their mountain pass home.  All is well with the Mustang world for now.



First time these two below have ventured inside the gate.  Their last visit was spent peering through the front fence:

Nothing like a little Mustang therapy!

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