Friday, May 13, 2011

Springing Forward with the Unwilling

Printable For Rent Sign
Last week she put finger tips to keyboard to write a note to the land lord...had he considered renewing the lease. A week ticked by and finally the response appeared. They have decided to put the house on the market to sell it. Two homes have proved to much to carry right now.

She sat in the living room and stared at the book cases filled with books and wondered how many should be given away with this move: some, none, all? Packing up closets and dishes to difficult to even consider for the time being. For now the answer is not known. There are worse things than packing and unpacking. Even finding a rental that will take two dogs and has a fenced yard, while daunting, is not impossible.

Still, she would rather not move. This space felt like home. She had not even fully unpacked for fear of finally feeling settled and trusting that feeling again. Settled ~ hmmm, when did that last happen. 2001. Exhaling. Note to self: 1) be careful with trust, 2) avoid bookstores.


Out on the prairie said...

You just moved it seems. I hope you find something, pets usually say you need to buy a home to get what is needed.

WR said...

HI. Yes owning would be easier and this landlord would like me to buy the home but he is pricing it at about 100K over current market value. Buying this is simply not an option. I am within a few years of retirement. Perhaps I will go back to California after my son and his fiancee marry if they think they will stay in So Cal. Mind you, not next to them but somehwere nearer. I don't know where. In the mean time I need to reach retirement age and in this economy not sure what that is. I've rented four homes in four years. All took dogs and three had dog friendly yards. Maybe my luck will hold up. :)

Donna said...

You could always put in a bid on the home. Most contracts are worded to state the offered price or appraised value. And with the current housing market, appraised values are very low. Talk to a real estate agent to explain it all to you.

Just a thought! I'm sorry that you have to go through the trouble of moving again!

Donna said...

Good grief Girl! Seems you just DID move! How awful for you.!!
Praying you find Exactly what you want!

WR said...

My sister and I have been pondering the housing dilemma for hours this week end. She would love to move to Austin, Texas. Might fly there this fall and take a peek.

Am going to ask for a 60 day notice post lease be built into the purchase and sale agreementment. Most of the house around us have been on the market since last Spring. What a terrible time to have to sell.

Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers. I do appreciate it.

Donna said...

Austin is Liberal, Artsy, Technology companies...with 6th Street thrown in...It gets Hot & steamy in Summer. Would I live there? Nope...(too much traffic) but you might like that...

I'd probably go for one of the surrounding towns though...
Enjoy the hunt!

WR said...

Thanks for the site! "steamy" is a worry. :( Sounds like New England without the snow and greenery.

So much to think about.

A dear friend who knows far more than I about real estate has warned that it is likely tht housing prices will continue to fall for at least the net year. Buying now would probably be a mistake.

:-( A game of nerves, eh!

Donna said...

I agree with the agent...BAD time to buy even though the interest rates are great...The housing market WILL tank by Summers end I think...bad times coming if the current Administration doesn't get With it!!!
Rent or lease to own perhaps?