Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day ~ an update.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying a day off.

Am gradually coming back to life. 26 days since surgery.  Returned to work  on a part-time basis this past week.  Four hours a day for three days a week.  To be honest it was exhausting.  The effects of anesthesia and surgery have gradually subsided.  Physical therapy two days a week and that is an agony and so pain medication before those visits.  Am a few degrees from being able to completely straighten my leg but getting flex back is another matter.  Man is that painful!  Last week was at 93 degrees.  Want to get to 120 but this is slow process.  If I can reach 120 then gardening and kayaking become real possibilities again.  Am using a cane instead of walker now and think that will go away in a week or so.  Progress.  Would like to order an out of body experience for exercise and rehab but don't think that is working.  Am searching for a Y or health club with a pool.  Hopefully swimming in warm water with help loosen tight tendons.  It is amazing that knee joints can be replaced isn't it.

Am watching the news in the mornings.  Wondering what the mid-term elections will bring.  The economy is still struggling.  Lay offs continue in the Northwest.  I see more houses go on the market in my new neighborhood.  With each for sale sign I wonder if someone is moving to a better job, someone retired or perhaps someone is desperate to get out from under a mortgage.

No photography yet ~  two more weeks.  In the mean time...hoping each cyber friend is happy and healthy!


Out on the prairie said...

Glad to hear you are doing better, hopefully you have been reading a few blogs to stay in shape.LOL Find a pool with an arthritis class, they heat it more and a lot will be in there that may have had the same thing done.I went to a few , one was at a hospital pool.

WR said...

Great to hear from you. Just got back (so to speak) from a visit to your blog. Great photos. Am just now able to focus as I am on pain meds just for physical therapy only. The thick haze of medication lifts and I am rejoining the human race. Thanks for the suggestion about the arthritis swim class...will definately check into that. Thanks for staying in touch!

Donna said...

I have been SO Bad about visiting these past few weeks!! And while I'm gone, you play around with a scalpel!!Hahaa
Hope you're doing better sweetheart....Sounds like you are! OBE's....LOL....If Only!

WR said...

Hi Donna~ Nice to hear from you anytime! Yes, this summer I went "bionic" and have a brand new knee. Today made 105 degrees of flex (from 93 last week). PAINFUL but excitting at the same time. Retraining tendons ad muscles is a major drag but absolutely necessary. I dream of kayaking and hiking again and am beginning to really believe that it is all possible! YEA! :-D Hope you are have a great end of summer. It slipped thhrough our fingers yet once again. Will drop by your blog soon. Take care!