Monday, August 16, 2010

Home again, Home again

                                             hospital + home

Whew A LOT  has happened in just weeks.  Moved the household a week and a half ago.  LOVE the new (to me) abode.  My sister was my right hand.  Truth be told, I simply could not have done this without her help.  Sisterhood is a wonderful thing and a special blessing!  Then one week after the move, I checked into the hospital for a total knee replacement.   What a journey.  Went to St. Joseph's in Tacoma where the "Joint Camp" staff of therapists, nurses, physicians and nursing assistants were simply outstanding.  Three and half days later I was able to go home with my son up from So Cal and a walker in tow.  Am gradually learning to trust my new bionic knee.    Have to exercise three to four times a day.  Also have to stay ahead of pain.  It is a amazing journey that has been made so much more attainable thanks to a whole team of intelligent,  compassionate caregivers!  My son will stay at home with me for a week.  As I regain mobility and find that the pain of bone on bone begins to fade  ~ I feel joyful, thankful and blessed.  Okay,  I am sort of heating our heat wave but that too will pass!

 Hope summer is treating all my cyber-writing friends well.   When I am on less pain meds will write more.


HBFG said...

Congratulations on your brand new knee! Hope recovery goes smoothly!!!

Out on the prairie said...

Nice to have you home. Osteo surgery has a different pain from others. There is a new feeling deep when the bone heals.The meds are nice but sometimes bad when you truly want to think.Taking good care to excercise is a big one.Hope all becomes better fast and look forward to hearing more from you!

Dr. Jay SW said...

Welcome back!
The total knee replacement doesn't sound like fun, but glad it seems to have gone well.
Enjoy those pain meds while ya got 'em...

Donna said...

Welcome to the "other side" of knee replacement! I was wondering how you did. Keep on top of those pain meds and do the exercises! You'll get discouraged along the way, but just keep on going!