Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not the Price of Oil ~ What Price Oil!

We will look upon the earth and her sister planets as being with us, not for us. One does not rape a sister.” ~ Mary Daly

I am going to spare you the rant I can feel brewing inside my head...at least for now. At the moment it is a conglomeration of facts but the birthing process for that rant is near term. The “abstract” is this: I am not agitated about what I am paying for gas at the pump. I am feeling a fury about the plunder of the earth for that gas at the pump...for the oil that fosters industry and greed...for the lack of effective government response. I feel a fury toward BP (no matter how many people they employ) and the insipid Obama administration response. My heart both aches and rages for the damage to the environment and the lives of the people who depend on the environment for a living.

The late Prof. Daly wrote “one does not rape a sister” but, in fact, just that has happened ~ continues to happen and we will be reeling from the consequences for generations. The oil leak in the Gulf produces numbers that are too large for most of us to comprehend. It hands us another “genocide” dilemma....numbers too large to understand when held up to what so many think of as every day life. Sometimes that number is six million Jews, sometimes one million Armenians or Rwandans and sometimes thousands of species that may not recover or disappear altogether from the land that encircles the Gulf.

To those who want to kiss this disaster boo-boo and make it go away...keep puckering up, this is going to take everything you've got and more.  


Donna said...

Sing It Sister!!Hahaaa...sorry, I Also get very PO'd at the Lack of response, when the Dutch called the Morning after the explosion and offered to SEND ships to start the clean up and were REFUSED!! Talk about an AGENDA!

Donna said...

After working as an environmental specialist at one of the world's largest utilities, I am agast that there was a "categorical exclusion" on the NEPA reviews for such oil rigs. That goes back to the Clinton administration. And apparently, they (BP and the government) never put much thought into having a comprehensive and thoughtful oil spill plan, as required by the regulations. Shameful. IMHO, all efforts should now focus on stopping the leak. But the administration is using the whole tragedy for pushing their (already planned) agenda on restricting and taxing energy usage. That is shameful too.

One thing that you should consider is that the use of oil products is integral in modern society. Gasoline is just one of thousands of products from the raw material of crude oil. Look around you and see how many plastics are within arm's reach. It is in our paint, cosmetics, drugs, packaging, and many other things that we take for granted. As a nurse, you should see the use of petrochemical products that saves lives every day. I can't imagine our world without this material, and I don't think we truly want to turn back the clock and quit using it. It's a matter of using it wisely and extracting it wisely. And it would be preferable for Americans to extract this material for our use, rather than being indebted to foreign companies and nations.

jenniferw said...

Not enough is being done. It is heartbreaking. I feel so for all those who live along the Gulf. I have many relatives in Louisiana.