Monday, April 19, 2010

A Personal Conspiracy Theory

Excess work, Spring and Lethargy have conspired to keep me away from my Blog.  The Terrible Threes even managed to hatch a plot to keep me alienated from my camera ~ for many weeks.  The  score in the game of life: The Threes v WR:  5 weeks to 1 day.  But what a glorious day it was.  Reclaiming my free time started yesterday and the sun was out (always a good sign - if one is given to looking for signs).  The battle has been engaged and I'm feeling 'feisty'.

Puget Sound is exploding with color.  I've been lulled into observing the slow dance of Spring and Winter.  It has been a seductive tango: a late frost a warm day, warm rain and cold rain...enough to bring out bulbs and leafs.  Gardeners are slowly creeping out of hibernation.  Migrating birds home from warmer climes.

A vacation is looming on the horizon.  A trip to see Alaska and it's glaciers.  The anticipation of a mental escape is building.  Good to be back.

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Donna said...

And it is so good to SEE you back! Love the colorful pictures. Your camera must have been so loney and feeling a bit useless, LOL.

A trip to Alaska sound heavenly! You will LOVE IT!