Thursday, February 11, 2010

Living musically?

“In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism and skepticism and humbug and we shall want to live more musically”   ~ Vincent vanGogh

“ musically” ~ Isn’t that a fascinating thought?   Perhaps that is the way we should proceed with each moment…chose a musical score  and move as though no matter what occurs in day to day life it were all part of an elaborate dance.  Rather than being trapped in memory, listen to the composers, find your rhythm, timing and engage dynamically as if it were the magic of a symphony that propelled you through time.  Perhaps the nation would turn off Fox News or MSNBC or whatever talking head is espousing their particular version of the truth.  Maybe then we could engage more fully in life…in step to music, creative impulse, rather than hate, ideology, or some pressing need to be upset over the ‘news’ of the day.  What if we were looking for dance partners rather than converts? 

My rationale mind is struggling with the notion.  “How would we get anything done if we are all dancing” the little list maker frets.  Living musically does not mean living idly (I reassure myself).  Perhaps the phrase suggests we would live in concert with ourselves ~ with others.  There seems to be a simple honesty implied in the quote…something to ponder.

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