Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday's gentle rain - a sleepy morning

Morning usually calls me and my dogs out of slumber and into the day at an earlier hour...say 4 AM.  Today the gentle splattered of rain was "white noise" to my tired mind and body and I let that hour and the next and then the next pass by unheralded.   My canine companions were willing to not stir as well.  It feels as though perhaps we've lost something but not so large that grief or fretting is required.  Only something nagging to be acknowledged.  At this moment I think it is simply Daylight pouting that she did not have the usual audience as she pushed her way over the Island..."Mommy, look at me, look at me".   Normally I bare witness to that arrival.  Not today.  Today I slept through the drama of Daylight at dawn and it was delicious!

The earth sits still out side my office window.  She is quietly bathing in the gentle rain.  Leaves are silently busy turning yellow, waiting their turn to finish their job and then float to the ground.  The blackberry vines have wrapped their prickly limbs around the near by trunks of trees.  There is a bounty for the birds out there in a wet world. The grass is too long...alas, I've not yet purchased a mower.  Now that task of urban farming (the mowing), of tiding up green space, will be quite a chore.  Still, the rain has handed me a free pass 'no manual labor for one day'.

There are a few items on the To Do List: get nails done, do something about hair whose roots no longer match the wild un-tamed profusion at the other end (a ridiculous problem to have in one's 6th decade); visit Weight Watchers to tackle the excess adipose tissue related to poor eating habits AGAIN; find a slip cover for the couch preferably in black as lime green is not working for me or the dogs :) ; visit the grocery store as there is precious little to make a meal with on anyone's food plan and finally pay the bills to keep the peace in my world .  Time to move on with this day.  I can see a few cars and trucks move by on the street outside - just beyond the rim of trees and vines that surround the house.  Get up - get on with your day!  My neighbors are busy on this rainy day. I sigh in reluctant agreement.  Alright then...forward, march.

Please note, "buy a lawn mower" was not on the To Do List


Donna said...

You are a Brave woman!Hahaa...I also ventured forth...bookstore and mocha latte later, my soul was lifted...Happy weekend Girl!hughugs

Tes said...

Weekends always give us a feeling of wanting to laze around a bit! But a brand new day beckons and the to-do list dances in our head. Mine is as long as yours. :)

Donna said...

What a lovely post! You have a delicious way with words. And yes, I DID notice that you DIDN'T have purchasing a lawn mower on your list. Perhaps employment of a lawn service can help you procrastinate that task further! LOL.

WR said...

Okay... "Uncle" - I give...went to the post office and convenience store (the only'shops' on the island) and got numbers of folks who mow lawns. And God Bless those who do just lawn is looking a bit more like a pasture. Time to call in the calvary.