Sunday, September 6, 2009

The peace of the Sunday...

Up at my usual time.  It has been pouring rain since yesterday evening.  How I love that sound!  Sunday and it is raining and dark. All the above is very soothing.  Will meet friends in Tacoma later this morning.  In the mean time I'm going to sip coffee and listen to the sounds of rain.  Not a bad way to begin a new week.

 Yesterday the lovely lady who cut my hair and hid the silver roots (bless her!) commented about how much she hated the rain and wondered when I would tire of it as well.  For me the answer is probably NEVER!  It reminds me of other places that I love: New England and Utah (the State where I was born).  Central California was so dry...too dry.  For some, that dry heat is attractive but for me it is depleting,  I know now that I will never make a good "desert rat".  Winters in the Central Valley are wonderful and when I need a dose of sun both the star and those daughter-friends that I left when I moved north - that is where I will go for a visit.

Many of my tasks were completed yesterday.  Still have to do a bit of grocery shopping but that will be accomplished when I meet friends at the wonderful Metropolitan Market in Proctor!    Must also head to to laudramat to dry the clothes I washed yesterday (dryer died just after carting it a 1000 miles north...of course).  I notice that there is not a legion of folks lining up outside to vaccum the floors so that is also on the TBD list.  Once the house is in order, I will grab the camera, rain coat and head to Tacoma.  Friends and adventures await!

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