Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ah Spring!

Spring is here - it was a fashionably late arrival but she did actually and finally arrive and the country side is decked out in her fresh light Spring green! There is literally, however, a fly in the ointment...the Black Fly. They are swarming and biting with a vengeance.

Normally I am taking pictures of all these changes but the camera has been out of commission. It will be returned to health today. In the meantime, I use an older camera and it is detail challenged. Never-the-less, it was pleasing to find daffodils blooming on the driveway that borders the forest. A tip of natures hat to warmer weather.
"I'll be back" when I can post the photos of treks about this little part of the world.


Mike said...

I believe I've mentioned I have a good friend in NH; just the other day I emailed her asking if she'd taken the annual spring daffodil shot w/ her daughter. I've never met her or her daughter, but thanks to being online friends for eight years and seeing photos and chatting via email and IM, I feel as though I know her.

Great photo, thanks for sharing.

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jacker said...
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