Thursday, April 17, 2008

reluctant spring and a visit to a city

Last week I was in Los Angeles. From the air the city looks horrid. Wall to wall housing. I thought the county needs a tree donation from New England. But once on the ground the neighborhoods have some character. The sun was delicious. No wonder people there seem to be laid back and, well, happier than garden variety human being in New England - they don't have the same sun deprivation.

Talked to some people about a job in LA. It didn't go anywhere. Alas, that was the purpose of the trip. But I did get to spend a few hours with my son. We had lunch on Hermosa Beach - a treat. So many people in such good shape and with varying degrees of tan. The sound of the California surf and feel of warm sand was lovely and a bit confusing - a culture shock of sorts. The density of people and buildings was a bit of a shock as well. Our community in the folds of pond and forest numbers a 1000 souls....not 100's of thousands. Still after a long silent winter, the sounds of a bustling city was oddly reassuring - foreign but distantly familiar.

Spring was here weeks ago but only now has it stayed warm enough at Wildwood to melt the deeper snow in the forest. Half the yard remains under a thin layer of the white stuff. Farewell all ye flakes - be gone from my sight!

The job search continues. Now the adventure moves to central California, Oregon and Washington. If I am successful I will have to change the name of the blog or start another one - perhaps something like "Wildwood Goes West". I've been perched in New England for many years. Now that I approach my seniority how odd to be returning to places where new feels as though it is worshipped. How much of me has become a Yankee?


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