Monday, June 24, 2013

"The air of summer was sweeter than wine."
~ Longfellow

(Lake Tahoe - this photo taken by the Tall Texan) 

It has been a nearly perfect week-end.  I took the motorcycle safety course.  LOVED it.  Am as sore as can be.  I learned the hard way how much I have to do in terms of some serious strength training. The time will pass anyway so might as well dive deeply into a healthier and stronger way of living while I float on the stream of the clock's tide!   Back to the gym it is for some weights and other stuff (while it all still hurts and I can clearly remember which muscles are so weak).

'What else?' you ask. Sold my lovely, dependable Galahad (2006 Subaru) for a Miata convertible roadster that is a mess!  Will be putting (if all the stars are correctly aligned) an exhaust system into it this coming week end. But running lights need to be fixed (all together missing right now), there is no a/c and never will be, seats need to be replace,  some Bondo, sanding and paint. Alright I admit, it needs almost everything but it does run. I am anxious to begin this project, with the tutoring and help of the Tall Texan...assuming he will tolerate a kind of aging apprentice.  In a few days I'll be 65.  It's time I knew something about what makes the automobile GO.  Am also searching for a used bike (1980 something like a Honda / Suzuki / Yamaha 250).  Eventually something similar in an ATV.  I don't need a 'rock climber' but sure-footed transportation on mountain paths (and sandy beaches etc) would be a good thing.  I rather love being a desert rat and want to be able to get into all the cracks and corners with my camera.  Lady Blue is not happy about any of this.  Oh well.

The Tall Texan took Lady Blue and me (he refers to us as 'his Ladies' - it is very dear but also reminds me of how old I am) on a wonderful drive to Donner Lake, back home via Lake Tahoe and Carson city.  What beautiful country.  Will try to get a little fishing in at Donner.  There are so many docks available and if one gets there early some serious fishing is to be had!  The waters in both lakes are blue, blue, blue and then some.

The week end ended with the solstice moon gracing our skies.  Wonderful sight!


the walking man said...

Bikes--good leathers are better than strong arms and as soon as you get a 250 you will want a 500 set up for sand and street.

Cars--every time I was faced with a new model that i knew i would be working on for a number of years I got the service manuals out and read them cover to cover. You may not know what all the technical terms are but they have a dictionary too.

Happy Trails Melinda...better to live late than not at all

Brian Miller said...

ha. love it...took the motorcycle course and ready to get you a get to the crags and 65 you are still 'living' and chasing life...that to me is very cool...

sage said...

I remember well the first time I saw Tahoe--and have been back many times--beautiful country! Enjoy your restorations!

A Plain Observer said...

"while I float on the stream of the clock's tide!" This is a fantastic phrase!
I admire your determination. A bike...that's adventurous.