Friday, May 31, 2013

"Time, you thief, who like to get sweets into your list, put that in..."

Another day another move....

Yes this note comes from another house in another town.  Still in the desert though.  I am very much enamoured with this environment...even when I miss my old home in New England.

My Mother and I still share a house.  She is failing.  I've watched 100's of people walk this last journey.  But this is my parent and some how this wind-down to the end of her days seems all wrong.  

I spend much of my time with her and am only able to get out to photograph this little part of the world is on the week-end.  

I'm just going to catch up by posting some photos of my new(er) environment:

I turn 65 this summer.  I've signed up for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.  A biker chick in my sixties...why the heck not!  :)

Please know I still follow your blogs and enjoy them very much.  Care taking a frail parent is a 24 hour a day job...and I find I am pressed to find the time to be creative.

Be well, safe and happy.



the walking man said...

melinda i have been where your at with your mom. She is your consideration of right now. That is as it should be and it should be a little harder to see for you have 65 years invested in getting to know her. Just as long as you know you are doing your best.

65 year old biker chick..hell yeah just buy a good brain bucket, they save a lot of lives.

WR (aka Melinda) said...

Howdy - always wonderful to hear from you. Be assured a good helmet is a top priority. I so love these desert roads...look forward to cruising them on a bike. Don't think I'm meant to be a city gal let alone a city rider. Am exploring mountain trails in my aging subaru but am entertaining an ATV after this July course. We'll see....

Take care my e-friend! :)