Monday, September 17, 2012

Wild about Wild Mustangs

Winter a Wild Mustang

 My life, when not caring for my aged mother, has become wrapped up into several tidy little packages:  the treatment of wild horses, learning about the ups and downs of free range chickens and getting myself involved in a local food bank.  I am particularly concerned about hungry children.  So am learning to volunteer in my new neighborhood.

First, take a look at the you tube video by a 12 year old girl, Brigit, from Texas.  She did a great job of explaining the complex issues around mustangs and management of same.

Now ~ the Mustangs that frequent my front yard and it's apple trees.  I've come to know three bachelors:  Winter, Marco and Sarge.  These are gentle, steady guys.  They sleep in the shade of trees behind my gate,  now allow me to gently brush them and they eat all the dropped apples my two trees can provided.  Am thinking about adopting them.  They are sturdy little horses, with strong legs, calm with very sane minds...if you've ever had a nervous horse you understand the distinction.  Here are a few of their photos:

Sarge (because he is a little bossy and reminds me of the cavalry horses of the wild west)

Sarge and Winter cleaning up the dropped apples

Marco the baby of the group

Sarge taking a nap

Sarge helping himselft to leaves and apples.

As for the love fresh eggs.  Taste like no other!  The down side,  chicks in Nevada peck at ankles just as hard as in other States...booo!

Lastly September is National Hunger Month.  No one in this country should go to bed truly hungry, most especially the children.  Just think about it.  Better yet, join a soup kitchen, help at a community pantry, drop off a can of food at a food drive.

That's all for now.  Adios.  Via con Dios!


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the walking man said...

Yes to the no kid hungry any time of year.

Yes to the wild horses, may they be forever free.

Yes to those chickens peck hurting like hell no matter where you are.