Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moved again and as it has been 8 months since the last post it seems I forgot to mention it.  :(  

The sweet green country that is the Northwest is no longer home.  Now I reside in the high desert of Nevada.  A far cry from sea level of the last home, we reside in a desert home at 4700 feet of elevation. Nothing is or looks the same.  Still I like this new environment.  I also forgot to mention that I retired.  So much has changed.  

My youngest son married in March on St. Patrick's day.  It was a wonderful wedding.  A photo or two will eventually be posted.  The eldest son returned from China and has now returned. 

My parent is living with me.  She is slowly losing her memory.  She sleeps all day and watches FOX news all night.   She can not follow a plot so reading a book is impossible but her command of individual words remains intact so she is able to win at Scrabble and Words with Friends.

I do a bit of long distance consulting, continue with violin,  garden and am picking up photography again.   

This house is on the edge of a wilderness.  The country is experiencing a severe drought.  My gardens are nourished with a careful drip irrigation.  Have started a compost pile as the soil is poor and the plants need all the help they can get.  We are surrounded by wild life.  Several herds of mustangs stroll down the street at all times of the day and night.  Coyotes, snakes, birds of prey, lizards and others visit daily.  Most are driven down the canyon by the persistent drought. Wild rabbits haunt the garden whenever there is an opportunity to grab a quick take-out meal.  The herbs are not touched but the veggies are now a mere memory.

In case anyone thinks I died...the answer is Not Yet!  The journey continues.....


Donna said...

Gosh, welcome back! I thought you had quit blogging entirely! Nevada is quite a change for you. And now retired! I wish you well in establishing your new life and your caretaker efforts with your mom.

With the new blogger conversion, it looks like your comment moderation got put on by default. Would you consider turning it off? It is darn near impossible to read those scribbles!

WR said...

Not sure how to do that correction. Wiil work on it!

WR said...

By the way Donna ~ it is great (!) to hear from you. I am in the process of catching up with everyone I follow and folks from the photo contest. Thank you for dropping by! :)