Thursday, June 23, 2011

a P.S. from Santa Cruz

Remembering back to the recent trip to Santa Cruz...I forgot to mention the sea lions that perch on the decks below the pier.

They seem to enjoy company and sun as much as the rest of us!

These sea creatures seem at peace here.  Their cousins in the Puget Sound have alienated fishing boasts by eating the same salmon that humans wants.  In the Northwest sea lions are being shot by angry frustrated fishermen.  The Salmon War has only one armed side.  You would not know that in Santa Cruz.


the walking man said...

So typical what man can not control we kill.

Out on the prairie said...

Some areas have put docks for them to lounge. Hard to believe these can be such a threat to humans.

Donna said...

Aren't they Beautiful!! I'd love to pet one...sigh.
Happy week sweet friend!