Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Rain

"Life is the fire that burns and the sun that gives light.  Life is the wing and the rain and the thunder is the sky.  Life is matter and is the earth, what is and what is not and what beyond is in eternity"   
 ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There is a dim gray light just beyond the window, peeping around the wooden blinds.  I can not hear the rain abut I know she is there.   It is nearly 8:40 A.M. and for the past 40 minutes the sun has been hinting that she sits just on the other side of the clouds.  Another sunrise that almost isn't.  This is not a complaint.  The rain here in the Northwest serves as a reminder of some other primordial time.  A time when forests were abundant every where.

"You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That's part of it."  
 ~ Denzel Washington

Daily there is winter rain.  She is our constant companion.  The lawn remains green  ~ 1000 miles north of the California's Central Valley, the gardener continues to show up for work on Thursdays to mow the lawns.  Frost, Rain's significant Other, shows up now  and then as well but seems to toy only with the flowers.  The icy pansies that flourished on the Island in Puget Sound were transferred to this more in land home.  Although I thought they were destroyed beyond help ... severely frost bitten, somehow they regenerated.  Little purple and white pansy lion faces greeted me when I let the dogs out this morning.  The roses perished - lost.  Pots did not meet their needs nor offer sufficient protection from Frost's icy fingers.  But then that is the stuff that is composted and will serve other roses in some future Spring.  

"Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat down upon your head with silver drops.  Let the rain sing a lullaby"
~ Langston Hughes

This slow motion, rainy day is underway.  Wet me, wet camera, wet dogs.  So be it.  The price of life here in the Northwest.  


Out on the prairie said...

I miss the flowers this time of year and buy a lot of cut blooms.Pansies are the first to plant in the spring, but melt in the hot summer.I start planning my gardens now, but only have blooms of ice and snow.It was 4 whenI got up, but i have been out to burn some wood I am tearing out of my basement in my fireplace outside and the cool is refreshing. Nice to see a post from you, you must be busy with other interests.

WR said...

Hi OOTP! Winter has her own drastic beauty but I will cheer with Spring returns from her journey.

I'm determined to clean out my home office and get policies, procedures and other work related "stuff" back to the real office where it belongs. The clutter draws me into work mode and then the day is done so to speak. Should be posting again soon.

Take care!


Donna said...

I might want to trade you for all the snow we have been getting, LOL. We just got our 7th snowfall of the season!

WR said...

Hi Donna! How lovely to hear from you! You have my deepest empathy and sympathy re: snow storms! I started this blog back in '07 or so while living in a forest in New England. I moved West to be near family and to avoid "digging out" from under mountains of snow. It is beautiful but it also a LOT of work. We get snow from time to time here but largely it is rain and I do appreciate the difference! :) Stay warm and safe my friend!

Donna said...

Hope you're not waterlogged!! Good weather for cooking or reading though!

Anonymous said...

SamHenry here. Sorry to have missed you over at the food blog. I have been so busy - life turned upside down with job loss AGAIN, old age and the fact that I may lose the house BUT we live in hope.

Cold as hell here.

I love this piece and the language you weave from Seneca, from you, from Denzel and Langston. But icy pansies are the best. You kind of pop out from time to time whereas they are smooth and mellow with age, you are a fine complement to them (did I use the correct "complement"?). Things sound good on your end. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

WR - I think the comment I left flew away or something. I will check back. Ah, life's fleeting moments. This kind of thing happens to me in real time and places.